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2010.05.14-XieXieMaster 2.5.18 Released
2009.04.22-XieXieMaster 2.5.17 Released
2007.07.23- Xiexie freeware 2.5 Released
2007.07.23- XieXie Master 2.5.15 Released
2007.04.18- XieXie Master 2.5.14 Released
2007.01.10- XieXie Pocket 1.0.2 Released
2006.12.13- XieXie Master 2.5.10 Released
2006.06.28- XieXie Master 2.5.0 Released
2005.10.15- XieXie Master 2.4.0 Released
2005.08.22- Games from 9th World chinese chess championship in Paris


XieXieMaster 2.1.1 Opening Book Maker "Book maker" is software used to build opening books for Xiexie chinese chess software.
XieXie freeware 2.5 This is a free chinese chess software. Strong enough for most of players.


Games in EGF format
2005 Wu Yang Cup ( chinese ) One of the strongest chinese chess tournament in China.
2004 Chinese National team A Competition ( chinese ) Chinese champions are usually world champions too. So the level is very high.
2004 World Computer XiangQi Championship The games played when Xiexie was Computer Chinese Chess Champion.


XieXieMaster XiangQi Databases
9th World Xiang Qi championship in Paris july 2005 2005 wolrd chinese chess championship in Paris.
2004 World Computer XiangQi Championship The games played when Xiexie was Computer Chinese Chess Champion.
Victories All The Way Games showing nice ways to win a game in chinese chess.
Orange Secret Terrible secrets on chinese chess openings.
Short Stories and Traps Very short computer games. Very usefull to study.
XieXie played against XiangQi Masters and GrandMasters in 2001 Games played by Xiexie against International masters and Grandmasters.


Games Played by XieXie
Games XieXie played on MXQ Volume 1  
Games from the 8th Computer Olympiad in EGF format  
Games from the 8th Computer Olympiad in WXF format  


XieXieMaster Opening Book
Improved XieXie 2.1.0 Opening Book - August 2004  
Improved XieXie 1.0.10 Opening Book - April 2004  


XieXieMaster Learning File
XieXie 1.0.10 Finale learning files (not compatible with other versions) A patch for 1.0.10 version.


XieXie files 1.02 opening book patch, How to apply the opening book patch  
XieXie 2.5.0 English  
XieXie 2.2.0/2.3.0 French  
Xiexie 2.2.0/2.3.0 Chinese  
XieXie 2.1.2->2.5.x CD English  






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